3. April 2017

Christ & Heiri sets new standards in quality

The quality requirements of our customers from different industries are constantly increasing. With the automatic testing and packaging machine, we are setting new standards in quality assurance. The new machine enables us to check the screws 100% for:

  • Bore diameter
  • Outer diameter
  • Length
  • Geometry of the toothing Module, tooth width, etc.
  • Mechanical damage such as impact points

After the inspection, the inspected worms are packed fully automatically and very gently in plastic tubes. In this way, we can ensure that no injuries occur to the precision parts and at the same time guarantee the highest quality.

With the help of the new machine, we come a significant step closer to our goal of a 0 ppm defect rate. Therefore, this process is particularly suitable for parts in noise-sensitive applications, such as in the automotive sector, where electric motors are only allowed to generate very little noise in the interior.