Over the years, the Christ & Heiri Group has continued to optimise and develop its technical expertise. The core competencies of our business are gear cutting, turning and thread chasing. Working in cooperation with selected partners, we also offer finishing and post-processing of all kinds.

Gear Cutting

We set standards in gearing technology. Our long and extensive experience and our know-how make us the perfect partner for your needs. We can apply all conventional machining processes to cut worm gears, pinions and cogwheels. Depending on complexity, dimensions, quantity and material, we offer economical solutions for every customer request. Our range of services includes the following processes:

  • Hobbing of pinions, cogwheels and worm gears
  • Precision skive hobbing (also after hardening)
  • Milling of worm gears and worm shafts (also high-speed milling)
  • Helical, crowned, oval, concave, convex and special gearing
  • Shaping of gear teeth
  • Milling of micro gears as small as module size 0.02mm


Abwälzen 2

Hobbing is a highly flexible and highly productive process for cutting pinions, cogwheels and worm gears. Many gears can be made with the help of standard milling tools and without any additional tool costs. By using a large number of cutting tools during the cutting process, we can achieve very long tool life.

Worm milling

Unlike hobbing, in the process of worm milling with a form cutter, each tooth space is milled out individually. The Christ & Heiri Group offers high-speed milling for this process, achieving tool speeds of up to 15,000rpm. The advantage of this process is that we can obtain higher surface qualities at the same level of productivity.

Thread Chasing

Thread chasing is an excellent technology, both economically and technically, for producing worms in a single operation. Thread-chased worms are characterised by a particularly smooth surface and are ideal for noise-sensitive applications. Over the years, we have refined and improved this manufacturing process and made it a speciality of the group.



Flawless turned parts are the prerequisite for high-quality gearing parts. Our CNC milling machines and six-spindle lathes cover the entire service portfolio — from large series to sampling.


In cooperation with our excellent partners, we offer a wide variety of finishing options: galvanic or chemical surface treatments, rolling, hardening or polishing — we cover all processing steps.

Gearbox Design

We are happy to share our gearing expertise to help you with gearbox design. Please contact us for more information.

If you have any questions about the technologies we use, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Contact sales department