15. marzo 2022

By supporting a wind project for sustainable energy generation, Grieshaber Feinmechanik offsets its greenhouse gas emissions and can now call itself a "climate-neutral company".

To achieve climate neutrality, the first step was to calculate the greenhouse gases caused by Grieshaber Feinmechanik. The calculation was carried out in accordance with the GHG principles and was based on the relevant greenhouse gases according to the Kyoto Protocol.

All emission categories (Scope 1-3) were taken into account, which means that in addition to the emissions caused directly in the company, indirect emissions were also included, such as materials and resources used, transport of goods, consumption of energy, vehicle fleet, business trips, disposal of waste and other emission sources. This comprehensive approach provides an honest and realistic picture of the CO2 footprint of the entire company.

Together with the climate protection agency natureOffice, the next step was to find a suitable climate protection project in which clean energy is produced through the construction of a wind farm with 33 wind turbines and the relevant CO2 emissions of Grieshaber Feinmechanik are offset.

In addition to financially supporting this project, Grieshaber wants to do even more for a sustainable future. Further investments are planned for 2022 to reduce the company's energy consumption.
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