15. janvier 2024

By supporting “Weyerhauser Plantation Reforestation”, Christ & Heiri AG offsets its greenhouse gas emissions and can now call itself a “climate-neutral company”.

In order to achieve climate neutrality, the greenhouse gases caused by Christ & Heiri AG had to be calculated as a first step. The calculation was carried out according to the GHG principles and was based on the relevant greenhouse gases of the Kyoto Protocol.

All emission categories (Scope 1-3) were taken into account, i.e. in addition to the emissions caused directly in the company, indirect emissions such as materials and resources used, transport of goods, energy consumption, vehicle fleet, business trips, waste disposal and other emission sources were also included. This holistic view shows an honest and realistic picture of the carbon footprint of the entire company.

In the next step, together with the climate protection agency natureOffice, a suitable climate protection project was found in which Christ & Heiri AG offsets the corresponding CO2 emissions through the plantation reforestation of degraded areas in Uruguay.

Grieshaber Feinmechanik, which has been climate-neutral since 2022, has been able to significantly reduce its CO2 emissions from 400 tons to 280 tons since the last certification. These emissions were also offset by supporting the “Bujagali Hydropower Project”. The project involves the construction of a large hydroelectric power plant in Uganda at the Bujagali Falls of the White Nile.

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