With qualified employees and state-of-the-art production facilities in Switzerland, Germany and Mexico, we, at the Christ & Heiri Group, produce high-quality precision gearing parts. We specialise in manufacturing worm gears, cogwheels, pinions and pinion shafts, covering the entire range of products and services — from highly efficient large-scale production runs to complex small series. Our customers from the automotive sector, gear manufacturing, the building automation field, the watchmaking industry and other sectors rely on Christ & Heiri products. As a gear cutting and turning specialist, the Christ & Heiri Group has modern and highly efficient production sites in Switzerland, Germany and Mexico. From the Mexican location, the North American market can be supplied directly on site.

Grieshaber Feinmechanik GmbH & Co. KG has been part of the Christ & Heiri Group since 2017, complementing the product range offered by gearing specialist Christ & Heiri AG. Especially in the field of turning, this has created synergies that make us a strong partner for our customers. Thanks to our additional production facility in Mexico, the Christ & Heiri Group is now able to meet the needs of customers locally in North America.


Our organisational structure is divided into segments, allowing us to cater for our customers' needs in the most efficient manner possible. Each segment forms a small enterprise within an enterprise, focusing on a certain group of customers, and overseeing the entire production process from turning to gearing and, if required, all the way to assembling or finishing components:

  • Automotive segment: large-scale production of high-quality parts with minimum annual volumes of 500,000 units
  • Industry segment: medium-scale production with minimum annual volumes of 100,000 units
  • Small-series segment: sample parts and small series production
  • Watchmaking and micro-gearing segment: gears for watchmaking and microtechnology starting from module size 0.02.


We produce over 2 million gearing parts per week in a total area of approximately 6,000m². Production, testing and packaging of the parts is largely fully automated, which enables continuous production (24/7). The Christ & Heiri Group operates around 100 gear-cutting machines and 50 lathes.

You can find the addresses of our production sites here.

Christundheiri firmensitz
Location Selzach (Switzerland)
Gebäude Löffingen2
Location Löffingen (Germany)
Gebaude W Blanc AG2
Location Selzach II (Switzerland)
Gebäude Monterrey HP
Location Monterrey (Mexico)

Certification and Quality

It is our top priority to manufacture products of perfect quality for you. We are, therefore, continuously auditing and improving our processes. Our production sites in Switzerland, Germany and Mexico are IATF 16949:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 certified.

If required, our products can be subjected to a full inspection before packaging. This includes checking the contour of the gearing parts (outside diameter, profile), as well as the mix and length. On request, we can also carry out complete checks on bores up to 7mm depth or inspect your gearing parts for fissures and impact marks. In addition, we can identify pitch, profile and other measurements three-dimensionally. These steps are largely automated using state-of-the-art testing and packaging machines.


The protection of the environment has been of great importance in all our business activities from the very beginning. We have had the environmental management system at our production site in Selzach (Switzerland) certified in compliance with ISO 14001:2015. We also commit to the German Sustainability Code (Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitskodex). Our location in Löffingen (Germany) has been officially climate neutral since spring 2022. This step was made possible by supporting a wind project for sustainable energy production and was carried out and certified in cooperation with the climate agency natureOffice. This demonstrates our high standards and makes them measurable as we continuously strive to improve. We assign top priority to sustainability in dealing with people and nature, which in turn provides the basis for future-oriented, successful development.

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1883 Robert Grieshaber establishes Grieshaber in Eisenbach in the Upper Black Forest.

1947 Armin Christ, German Christ and Robert Heiri establish Christ & Heiri AG in Selzach. The company mainly produces parts for the watch industry.

1995 Arno Heiri takes over Christ & Heiri AG and becomes its sole shareholder

2009 Michael Grieshaber and Heinrich Aicher take over Robert Grieshaber GmbH & Co. KG and change its name to Grieshaber Feinmechanik GmbH & Co. KG.

2015 A group of investors represented by Verium takes over Christ & Heiri.

2016 Grieshaber Feinmechanik opens a production site in Monterrey, Mexico.

2017 Christ & Heiri takes over Grieshaber Feinmechanik and becomes a world-leading gear cutting company.

2018 Grieshaber Feinmechanik moves from Eisenbach to its new production facility in Löffingen.

2020 Christ & Heiri opens a new production site for turned parts in Selzach.

Rudolf Grieshaber sw
Robert Grieshaber laid the foundation for Grieshaber Feinmechanik GmbH in Eisenbach in 1883.